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Monday, 19.03.2018


Partners of the PEA Project founded the »Baltic Energy Council«

Founding members of the »BALTIC ENERGY COUNCIL«

Between 20010 and 2013 the project PEA »Public Energy Alternatives« was funded within the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 – 2013 of the European Union. It was the aim of the project to detect and depict possibilities for the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures in municipalities. Next to the careful treatment of resources and the climate protection, chances and development opportunities were elaborated which derive from the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures especially for rural areas. Focal points were the cost efficiency, the raising of attractiveness for the regions as well as the exploration of sources of income for municipalities and public households.

Some partners of the PEA project met in Berlin at the 21st November 2013 to discuss the assurance of the PEA results as well as to continue the work started within the PEA project. Possibilities were discussed how to maintain the partnership even after the EU funding expired, how to implement the concepts elaborated within PEA and how the results of PEA can be kept available for a broader public. Last but not least the question of financing was discussed.

Friday, 22.11.2013 15:14 Age: 4 Years